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Թ෨ ԡë͢öԤ öʻ쵷ء 1975 駫ҡöҳ µҾ Ѻ Remodel ػóҡҧ

ԡöҳ öԡ ҩҡٻ觧ҹ öѺ- ҹeventҧ  ɳ Ф Ҿ¹ Ҿ ͡ͷءԴ

Դԡ÷ءѹ 10.00-20.00 .


  Mercedes Benz 190D 1963Mercedes Benz 190D 1963
դ ͧ
ԷBecker Ҩҡѹ
ö Ҿҹ

Mercedes Benz 190D year1963
Cream color
Diesel Engine
Auto transmission
Becker radio
Carpet imported from Germany
Good condition ready to use

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  Mercedes Benz W107 350SL Mercedes Benz W107 350SL 1978
ᴧ ԴзعշHardtop Soft-top
ͧ ʵ Lorimser

Mercedes Benz W107 350SL Year1978
Red color
Hardtop+ Soft-top
Original engine
Interior- Mustard color
Good condition ready to use
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